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Rondo Erase is a new pen from the Swedish manufacturer Ballograf with erasable ink. The ink can be erased as many times as you like. The technology is based on friction and the eraser itself is indestructible. The pens are delivered with ink in the same colour as the pen barrel. Rondo Erase has the same classic design and rubberized surface as Rondo Soft. The clip can be favorably branded with engraving. In addition, lifetime warranty is provided on the push mechanism.


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Branding 100pcs 250pcs 500pcs 1000pcs 3000pcs 5000pcs
RONDO ERASE €5,17 €4,93 €4,77 €4,67 €4,49 €4,35
Print Rondo €0,79 €0,45 €0,39 €0,33 €0,31
Print group Premium €1,03 €0,45 €0,45
Pad/Screen print: Print cost per colour. Set up cost is € 57 for each print and colour. Engraving: Set up cost is € 57. Recommended retail prices. Freight cost and VAT excluded.

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Specifications Pen: RONDO ERASE Colour/Combination: Cerise
Quantity: 500pcs Printing methods:
Freight cost: Excluded Delivery time: 10-15 days after artwork approval

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(€/pc incl. print or engraving) Recommended retail prices, VAT Excluded.
When viewed on screen, the pen colours can be different to the original.
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