Creativity, quality, and over 40 years of knowledge in profile advertising

Ingli Sweden’s journey began over 40 years ago by a man named Jaan Ingel. Along the way he encountered both ups and downs, but the vision remained solid and the journey continues. This is our story.

It was in 1980 that founder Jaan Ingel first had the idea to start a small printing company with his family, run from his basement in Täby, north of Stockholm, and specialising in promotional products. Even back then, he had a clear vision. A vision of building relationships and adding value by offering creativity, knowledge, service, and quality to his customers. This clear vision and the key values it is based on live on in the company today.

Important dates in the history of Ingli Sweden.

1980 (08.04)

On August 4, 1980 43-year-old Jaan Ingel registered the company Jaan Ingel AB at the Swedish Companies Registration Office. At that time the business idea was to sell various promotional items directly to end users, especially banks and post offices. The operation was conducted from his home in Täby north of Stockholm together with his wife Anna. By obtaining good connections with suppliers, mainly in Asia, they were able to compete in the market with unique products at favorable prices.


To speed up the deliveries and raise the quality of printed products the company’s first printing machine was bought. The business quickly becomes profitable and will later prove to be the start of one of northern Europe’s largest and most complete printing houses for pens.

Inspiration Ballograf - Executive


The company moved into new, larger premises in central Täby and the workforce had now grown to five people. This year Jaan Ingel also succeeded to negotiate the company’s first pen agency for the Italian brand Stilolinea. A great advantage since Stilolinea already was one of the largest pen manufacturer in Europe.


An investment was made in a larger, private property in Arninge Industrial Area in Täby to make space for more employees and new printing machines.

At this point the company made the decision to change strategy and transition to sell only through distributors within the promotional market. This year Jaan Ingel, who was born in Estonia, also starts to send aid shipments to this neighbor state that newly regained independency. The shipments, which contained mainly of pens and conference materials, soon became the beginning of a strong trade connections with the Baltics.


In 1999 the business was thriving and a large warehouse was built to provide the customers with faster deliveries. An effort to establish the company on the European market was also initiated this year along with the successful launch of the company’s first website.


This year the company launched Add1 which was the first pen designed under the own brand INGLI. It quickly became a great success and soon the INGLI series was complemented with additional pen models. All pens in the INGLI series represent high writing comfort, modern design and optimal printing options which can explain why they have become so popular. As a result, the INGLI brand grew so strong that the company simply chose to change the name and start promoting the whole business under the name Ingli Sweden.



After a few years of serious disease Jaan Ingel passed away and the company continued operations under the lead of the children Mats Åsbrink, Michael Ingel, Linda Ingel and Johan Åsbrink. Since the major part of the revenue was received from sales of pens it was decided to discontinue other products from the range to focus on the core business, specializing on writing instruments.


Cooperation with Ballograf and Pilot Nordic was established and Ingli Sweden took another step as the most complete writing instruments supplier in northern Europe’s promotional product market. Today the company has around thirty employees working together with a great passion for pens and their value as advertising media.


In order to ensure the quality of the operations and to meet the increasing environmental requirements of the outside world, the company undergoes an ISO certification in quality ISO 9001:2015 and environment ISO 14001:2015.


After a couple of tough years during the progress of the Corona pandemic, the company is once again feeling wind in its sails. With streamlined processes, a newly launched website and a close-knit workforce, we are ready to meet our customers’ needs and the challenges of the future.