Proofs and print proposals

Once you have placed an order for printed pens, you’ll receive a proof for approval (artwork). This is to ensure that the pen will be as you envisage it. We can also produce a print proposal before you place your order that features the recommended pens and the location and size of the printing.

A proof shows the pen with your design in 1:1 scale. It always shows the size, location, and colours of the printing. It’s important to review the proofs carefully and check that all the information is correct. Delivery times may be extended if approval of the proof is delayed. A new proof is always sent for approval if changes are made. Once the proof has been approved, production will start. Unless otherwise agreed you will receive your delivery within 10 to 15 days. If necessary, a print proof can be added as an extra step before production starts.

If you want a proposal or advice, you can request a print proposal before placing your order. Often you may have an inkling of the sort of pen you’re after but would perhaps like to see proposals of slightly different models first in order to see what works best with your logo or message. Maybe you would like a print proposal sent with your quote to give you a complete overview when making your decision. A print proposal is designed to assist you. It is not binding in any way.

Printing proposals are produced on request for those who wish to receive proposals or advice before ordering. Often, you may have an idea of which pen you are looking for, but want to see suggestions for slightly different models to see which one fits best with your own logo or message. Perhaps you want a print proposal together with your quote as a supplementary decision basis. A print proposal is only an aid and is not binding in any way.

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