Our Sustainability Work

Ingli Sweden strives to conduct business in a sustainable manner. In this article, we describe why this is important to us, as well as how we are working in order to develop and implement sustainability in our operations.

Together towards a sustainable future

We are aware that the way in which we conduct our business affects people, the environment, and society. We want to contribute to the long-term, sustainable development of our plant and the people that live there, both current and future generations. The work we have started together is something we take great pride in. It is a task that will never end, but the fact that we are working together towards achieving a more sustainable future is a source of joy and commitment. In our policies, you can read more about what forms the basis for our work.

Our guiding principles

For many years now, “Together” has been our most important internal guiding principle, intrinsically linked with the words “Responsibility”, “Communication”, “Respect”, and “Joy”. These are words that permeate our day to day activities, words that can be applied to our way of working, to our business in its entirety, and to individual employees. They also describe how we want to treat each other and, not least, the world around us.

Responsible corporate governance

Our quality- and environmental management system helps us meet the challenges we face and take advantage of the opportunities with which we are presented. We are committed to responsible corporate governance where we analyse, establish clear goals, implement, evaluate, and continually improve our business. It is also important that we communicate our goals and progress, as well as exchange experiences with other companies, stakeholders, and customers.

Our overall, long-term goals are:

Quality goals
Constantly act to reduce quality deficiencies and increase customer satisfaction for our products and services.

Environmental goals
Increase the proportion of products in our range made from materials with less environmental impact and make it easier for customers to make more sustainable choices.

In order to guarantee our development work and generate commitment, we have also chosen to become ISO-certified in accordance with quality standard ISO 9001:2015 and environmental standard ISO 14001:2015.