Eco Range

The environment is one of our most important sustainability issues. We offer a wide eco range of pens made from materials that are better for the environment from a sustainability perspective.

It should be easy to make the right choice

Our ambition is to provide and constantly expand our eco range of promotional pens. It is our responsibility to inform about which pens are better for the environment and try to steer our customers and partners towards more eco-friendly alternatives. It should be easy to make the right choice. Find all of our eco pens here >>

Materials with less environmental impact

In our range, we have a variety of pens made of materials with less environmental impact compared to traditional, new produced plastic. For example, we offer promotional pens made of:

Ingeo® PLA, biodegradable
Our pens in PLA are made of a patented and environmentally certified material from NatureWorks called Ingeo®. Ingeo® PLA is extracted from renewable raw materials, such as plant fibres and lactic acid, and has unique properties that are not found in traditional plastics. The material is biodegradable and compostable at temperatures above 60 ° C so that it can re-enter the natural cycle. Also, the production of PLA requires only one-third of the energy needed for the manufacture of ordinary ABS plastic.

Recycled ABS
ABS is a sustainable and durable plastic with a nice lustre that works great to recycle. The advantages of plastic recycling are many. Pens of recycled ABS are a good environmental choice as it contributes, among other things, to reduce new production of plastic and the utilization of non-renewable raw materials.

rPET, recycled PET-plastic
Promotional pens made from recycled rPET plastic are constantly increasing on the market. It is a light and strong plastic that is very durable. rPET is made to 100% of recycled PET bottles and can be reused for new products many times. rPET plastic is not environmentally friendly in itself, but it does have less impact. As with all plastic recycling, manufacturing in rPET also contributes, for example, reduced waste disposal and reduced oil dependency.

Wheat Hybrid, plastic with 40% wheat straw
Our hybrid pens are better-adapted alternatives to the environment. As the plastic consists of 40% wheat straw which contributes to a reduced amount of new-produced plastic.

Recycled paper
Recycled paper is, from an environmental point of view, generally a better material than plastic. Among other things, plastic production releases considerably more greenhouse gases than the corresponding paper production. Also, production with recycled paper swallows considerably less energy. To recycle paper and use for manufacturing other products also contribute to resource-efficient production and reduced waste, which is necessary for our circular economy.

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In the Pen Selector, you can find all the pen models included in our eco range.

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We have also compiled a separate brochure with more information about our eco pens.

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