Our Policies

We want to make our work of importing, printing and selling profile products as sustainable as possible. The following outlines our policies that form the basis for our quality and sustainability work.

Business policy

The key areas within sustainability are; environment, working conditions, business ethics, and human rights, as well as responsible corporate governance. Our sustainability work is founded on corporate responsibility within three areas: economic, social, and environmental. We have chosen a strategy based on the idea that, although we are part of the problem, we can also be part of the solution to achieve more sustainable development.

We work actively to “integrate sustainability” in our printing business and the products and services we offer. This is done through requirements imposed in our Code of Conduct downwards in the chain.

All employees must be committed and trained to maintain and improve their skills, which is vital in order for our quality goals to be achieved and to ensure that we are able to guarantee our competitiveness and continued development.

We shall continually improve our way of working and establish measurable targets for our quality work. Everyone must be aware of these targets and we must do all we can to achieve them. We must ensure that we always “do things right from the outset”. Each employee is responsible for ensuring that their work is of the right level of quality and that established rules are adhered to.

We will comply with applicable legislation and requirements imposed by stakeholders in all areas.

Environmental policy

Ingli Sweden shall strive to conduct its business in a manner that protects and leaves as little impact on the environment as possible. This is achieved by making environmental demands to our suppliers and being aware of our own deficiencies.

Our main activities right now are:

  • We are constantly expanding our range with products that have a lower environmental impact and guide our customers in making sustainable choices.
  • We optimize our transports to reduce the environmental impact, eg. we cotransport goods from Asia by boat. It is important to realize that shipping is an essential part in purchasing sustainable products.
  • We economise our resources and have the highest possible level of recycling.
  • We use Co2-free energy production and have invested in solar cells, geothermal heating and energy-efficient ventilation.
  • We have installed electric car charging posts that facilitate and encourage fossil-free car journeys to and from work.

We will, of course, comply with applicable legislation and requirements imposed by stakeholders in all areas.

Work environment policy

Everything Ingli Sweden does is characterised by concern for people in the company, who we regard as family. We shall strive to create meaningful and developing jobs in which employees themselves are involved in the evolution of their own work situations and participate in change and development efforts at the work site. We act to achieve an open and honest working environment and do not accept bullying in any form.

The goal is to create a safe, stimulating, healthy, and pleasant working environment. Equality work shall form a natural and integrated part of all our activities. Working conditions, rights, and opportunities for development shall not be dependent on gender or ethnic origin.

By ensuring that everyone feels good and thrives in their work, we obtain healthier employees. In addition, it also makes it easier for us to attract new staff and retain the best employees. We have a low level of staff turnover, which we see as an acknowledgement of us having a good working environment

We will comply with applicable legislation and requirements imposed by stakeholders in all areas.