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Digital catalogues with promotional pens

Here you will find our digital catalogues with promotional pens. An alternative that provides a good overview of all the products in our range.

The catalogues are meant to be inspiring and informative tools for both partners and end-users, and therefore it is provided with recommended retail prices. Please feel free to contact us if you want more information about us, our range of pens or wish to order the catalogues in printed format. Below you will find all of our current digital catalogues:


In the catalogue, each brand is presented under its own chapter. The catalogue contains price examples for standard quantities instead of fixed prices. All products are provided with QR codes that will lead you straight to the product on our web. This way you will always get relevant and updated information about the products. All new pens are listed in the introduction of the catalogue and highlighted on each page. This year we have mainly focused on increasing our environmental assortment. We are also proud to present a new luxury brand; namely Waterman with its elegant ballpoint pens.

Of course, all novelties are also available here on the site if you want to download pictures or calculate with prices for different printing options.


Here you can download the catalogues as PDF files if you want to save them on your own device: