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Promotional pens for more effective marketing

We help you choose the right promotional pen! Our range includes a large selection of promotional pens from several famous and popular brands.

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Pens for brand-building

When you’re building a brand and want to create positive associations, physical advertising is important. Newly published studies show that product media, such as promotional pens, is very effective.

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What is ?

To get the best effect and maximum value out of a promotional pen it is crucial to find the right pen for the right company and occasion. Only then it will reach an optimal

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Knowledge & Inspiration

We give you knowledge of how you can gain value by using promotional pens. Get inspired and take advantage of our experience here.

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A new way to offset climate change

Ingli Sweden strives to conduct business in a sustainable manner. We always try to reduce our impact on the environment as much possible. Our range includes several products that have a less environmental impact and we also make sure to...

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How Pilot got its name: A 100 year old story

Most people know Pilot as the brand behind the popular pen Frixion Clicker with erasable ink or the classic office pen Super Grip. But have you any idea how Pilot got its name and how it all started 100 years ago?   A 100 year old story The story begins 100 years ago....

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Promotions & News


Promotional pens 2021: News

Forget cheap throw-aways. We focus on top-quality and sustainability! 2021 offers several exciting news when it comes to eco-pens as well as gift pens and new brands. Below we present this year's trends and product news. EXTENDED ECO-RANGE The environment is one of our most important sustainability issues and our ambition is to gradually move to an increasingly...


Digital catalogues with promotional pens

Here you will find our digital catalogues with promotional pens. An alternative to the Pen Selector that provides a good overview of all the products in our range. The catalogues are meant to be inspiring and informative tools for both partners and end-users, and therefore it is provided with recommended retail prices. Please feel free to contact us if you want more...


Ingli Sweden 40 Years: Campaigns & Offers!

This year Ingli Sweden will celebrate 40 years in the business. It was on 4th of August 1980, 43-year-old Jaan Ingel registered the company Jaan Ingel AB at the Swedish Companies Registration Office. Today, we are better known as Ingli Sweden, one of Sweden's oldest companies in product media and the largest pen supplier in the promotional market. Read more about our...


Promotional pens 2020: News

Now we have updated the range with several exciting product news. Here we present the latest trends and the new promotional pens 2020. FOCUS ON ECO-PENS This year we have mainly focused on increasing our environmental assortment. Our ambition is to provide a large range of environmental pens and this way help lead our customers to more sustainable alternatives. We...


Our new Eco-pens! See the full range here

Now we can offer a new range of Eco-pens with several interesting novelties. The demand for eco-pens is high and our ambition is to continuously expand our range with better alternatives for the environment. We have, for example, pens made of biodegradable PLA plastic (s.a. Bio-S!, Vegetal Pen, S45 Bio), pens made of recycled plastic (Pixel Recycled, Elis Recycled,...