Code of Conduct

To ensure that we as a company runs our business in an ethically, socially and environmentally correct way, we have established a Code of Conduct. Here you can read more and take part in our documentation.

A natural part of our work

Ingli Sweden supports the United Nations’ Global Compact guidelines. We accept that we have a responsibility to take account of the human rights of those affected by our activities and to contribute to sustainable social development. To assist us in these efforts, we have established a social code of conduct containing rules and guidelines. It applies to our own operations as well as in relation to suppliers of products and services. The code is a natural part of our work. It helps us to ensure quality, follow up and improve our business from an ethical, environmental and social perspective. The content is based on our values and describes legal requirements and guidelines for working conditions, working environment and environment as a whole.

For more information take part of our documentation here: