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Do you know what you are looking for?

Buy promotional pens – step-by-step

Are you about to buy promotional pens?

We will help you to streamline your purchase of promotional pens that will deliver the right level of marketing value for your organisation. Before you start, it’s good to know the steps in the process. Take a look at our guide of how to buy promotional pens step-by-step.

Have fun choosing the right promotional pen for your business!

Step 1

You have decided to buy pens and want to know how to proceed.

Perhaps you’re still considering whether pens are the right media for you? Under “Knowledge & Inspiration” you can read more about how pens can be of use for your marketing and sales.

Step Image
Step Image
Step 2

Think through and make a plan for the purpose, use and need for your pens.

» Who in your organization will be handing out the pens and in what context?

» Who is the receiver them and what do they want?

» Maybe you need different pens for different occasions or different target groups?

» What do you want to communicate with your pen? Your brand, your contact information or some other message?

» How many pens do you need for your different areas of use?

Step 3

Use the “Pen Selector” to find a pen that is consistent with your needs.

With the Pen Selector you can search among thousands of pens in different price range, colours and designs with various functions. The search filter makes it easy for you to sift and sort in order to find the right pen for your company. For example, you can choose to view only eco-friendly pens or pens with a special type of ink.

Step Image
Step Image
Step 4

Each pen has its own information page with description and prices.

On these pages you can find more information and specifications about the pens, look at different images and find out which printing methods we recommend. You can also calculate the approximate price of the pen depending on quantity and printing method. Since all of our sales are made through reselling partners, we can only specify indicated retail prices. To get a quotation with the exact price you need to get in touch with a promotional distributor. If you don’t have already a partnership with a promotional distributor you can either contact us or choose one from our list of partners presented on this website.

Step 5

Once you have found a pen that you find interesting we will help you forward.

» If you have not found what you are looking for, you are welcome to contact us. We will guide you if you need inspiration or help in choosing the right pen. Perhaps you have a request to customize your own pen model. The Help button allows you to quickly get in touch with us, we are happy to help with all kinds of questions.

» If you wish to receive a sample to test and feel, you can easily order it directly from the information page of each pen. Single samples of plastic pens are always sent free of charge.

» If you have a partnership with a promotional distributor, you can save your choices and send your request directly to them. If you need help getting in touch with one of our partners, you can either contact us or choose one from our list of partners presented on this website. We cooperate with promotional distributors all over Europe to make sure you can get help by someone located close to you.

Step Image
Step Image
Step 6

From here, a partner will take over your case and proceed with your request.

Our partner can now provide you with an accurate quotation and a printing suggestion. Once you have agreed on terms you will receive an order confirmation. If you order printed pens, you will also get a graphic visual proof (artwork) for approval.

Step 7

When the artwork is approved we will start the production.

Unless otherwise agreed, your pens will be delivered in 10-15 working days after the artwork approval. It is possible to get a faster delivery at additional cost, read more about our delivery options here.

If necessary, we can also provide a printed physical proof for approval before starting the production.


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Knowledge & Inspiration

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