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Promotional pen experts

At Ingli Sweden, we are all experts in promotional pens for different areas. Here you can read about our employees’ personal favourites and their different ways of using them. The contact information on this page is mainly intended for our partners. If you are an end user and wish to get in touch with us, please use the form under “Contact” to ensure you get the best service and the fastest response to your questions.

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Mats Åsbrink

CEO Phone: +46-8-557 740 02 Email: [email protected]

I have many pens among my favourites! One of them is the new Pure Black Fluo from Maxema. It looks really good and has trendy colours. I gladly use it to the authorize payrolls or when I'm betting on my favourite soccer team.

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Michael Ingel

Export Manager Phone: +46-8-557 740 03 Email: [email protected]

For nostalgic reasons Add1 is my favorite pen. It was the first pen in our own design and I remember all the discussions I had with my co-designing father about all details that should be adjusted to finally make it complete.

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Per Ekblad

Sales Manager Phone: +46-8-557 740 11 Email: [email protected]

My favourite pen is Dot Rubber. It is stylish and has a rubberized surface that provides a comfortable grip. Since I like to write songs in my spare time I always have a pen available at home. Through the years I have written a lot of song texts by hand.

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Kalle Borgenstierna

Sales Phone: +46-8-557 740 17 Email: [email protected]

Executive is my favourite pen since I see a lot of myself in this model. It is heavy, exclusive and ergonomic, just as I am, haha. I use pens mostly as fashion accessories - women get very impressed with when you have a stylish pen in your breast pocket :)

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Jennie Hellsved

Artwork/Back-Office (On maternity leave) Phone: +46-8-557 740 16 Email: [email protected]

I have a great interest in flowers and plants. Perhaps that is why Vegetal Pen is my favourite pen. Vegetal Pen is eco-friendly and I often use it when I take notes about my flowers in the garden.

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Mia Alexandersson

Purchasing Manager Phone: +46-8-557 740 04 Email: [email protected]

Right now I write mostly with FriXion Clicker. Partly because it is available in several delicious ink colors but especially because it is erasable, which means that I avoid messy notes. Also, the thin tip is perfect to write on the score card when I am on the golf course!

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Linda Ingel

Purchase Phone: +46-8-557 740 05 Email: [email protected]

My favourite pen is the Ballograf Epoca P because it is so amazingly good looking! The ink in Epoca is very long lasting which makes it the perfect pen for me since I write a lot of letters (yes, I still write real letters!). I also use it to log my parachute jumps.

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Angelica Fogelmark

Production Coordinator Phone: +46-8-557 740 25 Email: [email protected]

I like to write down new and exciting recipes for baking and cooking with my favourite pen Quinto. It is stylish and has a triangular shape which provides an ergonomic grip that makes the pen fit perfectly in your hand.

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Anna Lundqvist

Marketing Manager Phone: +46-8-557 740 06 Email: [email protected]

Acroball Pure White is super comfortable to write with and is available with ink in several happy colours. To use pens with different ink colours is a great help when you need to plan and prioritize things. I also like to sketch and draw with Acroball - something my kids appreciate too :)

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