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3 key reasons to use profile products

Product media is the 3rd largest advertising medium in Sweden. Bigger than outdoor and television but just as good for brand building and much, much more cost-effective. Statistics and surveys speak their clear language. Here is a quick list with 3 key reasons why you should use profile products in your marketing.

1. You always remember a good profile product!

Profile products, mainly promotional pens, are used daily by one third of their recipients. Together with TV commercials, they also top the list of how well we remember a brand in comparison between different advertising channels. In short. product media builds your brand by literally being on hand in everyday life.

2. Profile products are much appreciated!

Profile products create positive feelings for the recipients because they are perceived as gifts. People appreciate receiving gifts and respond most often to them with kindness, gratitude and joy. It’s not very often you get a “thank you” by someone who receives your advertisement. That is why product media is so easy to use and works so well to strengthen relationships.

3. Cheaper advertising will be hard to find!

The cost of profile products is usually relatively low, but, of course, it varies depending on the kind of product. If we take a promotional pen as an example, it has a life span of about 8 months. During that period, it switches owner on average 3-4 times and is used over 3000 times. If the price of the pen is € 1,00 the cost per exposure will be as low as 0,03 cents. You can hardly get something similar much cheaper than that!

To summarize, profile products strengthen your brand as well as your relationships and this at the lowest cost possible.

Would you like some inspiration on how to use promotional pens (or other profile products) for different marketing purposes?

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