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Pen give away in face-to-face encounters

A pen give away for every encounter

Any interaction between people is an obvious occasion for giving away a promotional pen. We know that a gift can enhance an encounter and make the recipient feel positive about it.

Study shows pen give away is the most appreciated gift

The 2015 study The Power of Product Media found that product media such as pens are very appreciated. Almost half of the respondents said that they like receiving promotional products and so choose to keep them for a longer period of time. One third also said that they favor brands that use promotional products. This is a figure that few other advertising media can match. The study also showed that the cost of the product received is not the most important aspect, contrary to what many might think. It is actually the product’s quality and design, which are valued more than its cost, as well as its usefulness and ability to serve a purpose for the recipient.

A well-designed, good quality pen with a specific purpose can, therefore be a much appreciated gift which the recipient uses for a long time to come and which reminds them of its intended message.

Pen give away at sales meeting

Let’s use a sales meeting as an example. Depending on how the meeting is conducted, the gift of a pen can serve as a way to break the ice and encourage positive discussion. By choosing a pen that symbolizes your brand, such as by way of a specific design or function, you can convey the right feeling to your customer while also lightening the mood by showing your generosity. A pen can also be something that you give away at the end of a meeting together with leaflets, folders, or other information that may be a good idea to leave behind. It goes without saying that the pen must be of good quality and clearly display your brand so that the customer is reminded later on of what you have to offer.

One tip is to take advantage of the full capacity of the promotional pen by conveying something more than just your brand. Why not give away a pen with your name and contact details instead of a business card? Surely everyone would agree that this is much more engaging than a piece of paper in a plastic wallet and it is more likely to leave a lasting impression.