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Pens for brand-building

When it comes to building your brand and creating positive feelings about it, physical advertising is very important.

Being given a physical product, such as having a pen placed in your hand, sends impulses to your brain that trigger a reaction of pleasure, gratitude, and joy.

In the spring of 2016, a major Nordic study was conducted in neuromarketing* to examine how advertising in different channels affects the brain. The results clearly show that physical communication results in stronger emotional engagement than the corresponding digital advertising. In addition, physical advertising contributes to lower cognitive stress and better awareness of a product or service, its price, and what it offers, etc.

physical advertising is a Reminder

When you’re building a brand, promotional pens have a high value. Let’s look at estate agents – they’re generally very good at working with physical communication in the form not only of such traditional media as newspaper advertising and mailshots, but also of product media, such as pens.

During a viewing, it’s common to be given a pen together with the particulars. In this context, the pen serves a specific purpose for someone who wants to make notes or express interest in making an offer. This means that the pen is appreciated and feels like a natural addition. When the person then takes the pen home, it has another purpose – to remind the user of the brand and thus to build that brand within a personal environment and in situations where the brand wouldn’t otherwise have exposure. An effective and stylish promotional pen that is durable will be used on a daily basis long after it is received. In summary, a brand’s position is strengthened by being readily available in day-to-day life.


* Behind the mind by Postnord et al. –

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