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Pens to enhance an experience

How can a pen enhance an experience?

Well, take for example any context where we are expected to jot something down. Not having a pen in such situations would definitely ruin the experience and make a negative impression, whereas having a pen that is stylish and functional would contribute to a sense of satisfaction.

Pens give a lasting positive impression

In our age where “experience” is paramount, this is nothing new. Yet the constant stream of digital advertising we are exposed to every day means that personal experience is more important than ever before. In 1999 authors Joseph Pine and James Gilmore published their now classic book Experience Economy. It describes how important it is to provide an experience that provides a lasting positive impression, which will ultimately lead to customers opening both their hearts and their wallets.

Any company can offer an experience by making its service, product, and interaction with other people more positive and more memorable. There are many ways this can be done, one of the most effective being a gift, such as a promotional pen.

Pen adds value

The provision of a pen on top of a pad of paper at a conference or course usually goes without saying. Unfortunately, however, it’s common for this pen to be rather cheap and dull, which leads to negative associations, especially when the pen breaks or stops working shortly after the conference. To get that positive effect you’re looking for, it’s important to think about the functionality and quality of the pen, as well as the sensory impression it leaves on its user – the way the pen looks – both its colour and shape – how it feels to hold, and how it smells.

By leaving a pen behind, you extend your customer’s memory of their experience of you and your brand. A branded pen (where the brand already conveys an experience) can, for example, create a feeling of exclusivity that lasts. The same is true if you produce a custom-designed, limited edition pen. The feeling of getting something unique then enhances the customer’s experience of your meeting.

When pens are a natural complement

But you don’t need to design totally unique products to be unique or to stand out. A little creativity is enough. Let’s take wine tasting as an example. An event such as wine tasting is an experience in itself that can be enhanced further through the use of promotional pens.

A pen is a natural accompaniment at the table when wine-tasting – it allows the customer to make notes about the different wines they’re testing. But the pen is also so much more – it can also serve as a name tag or a table name card. Not only does it really stand out, it also comes across as fun and innovative. Some pens also come with detachable accessories, known as “add-ons”, which can be attached to the clip. At a wine-tasting event, this could be a voucher for a drink, or information about a special offer. What your pen can convey is limited only by your imagination.