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Pens to get more satisfied customers

There is no doubt that satisfied customers lead to stronger relationships and more business. Yet this is an area where many companies today seem to fail. A common mistake is to make every effort to sell and market a product (or service) and then simply forget about what happens after the order is placed.

There are different ways to work with customer care. With customer policies and CRM systems, you can secure your follow-ups and case managements, but ultimately, it’s what the customers expect that is most important. In order to get satisfied customers, you should strive for positive customer experiences and try to exceed their expectations. For you as a marketer, this is no news, but it can still be a challenge.

Use a pen exceed your customer’s expectations

Using product media is a way of means to exceed the customer’s expectations. Usually people do not expect to receive a gift at a meeting or in connection with a purchase. Why it’s a great way to create added value. The product you give away do not even have to be big or expensive to make the customer feel satisfied. The most important thing is that it is useful to the recipient. Giving away a pen with your company information may be perceived as a small gesture, but actually works really well to improve customer satisfaction.

An example could be the car dealer. You know that feeling when you have a pen lying in your car but every time you need to use it, it just doesn’t work? Or maybe the pen was working but you had nothing to write on? For a car dealer, this would be an easy problem to solve. By providing every sold car with a stylish, well-functioning pen and small writing pad (preferably with a personal greeting) he would not only exceed the customer’s expectation, but also it would be much appreciated and act as a confirmation of a good deal. Later, the pen would also remind the customer of the car dealer every time it came to use.


Another example of how promotional pens can contribute to imporive the customer satisfaction is in e-commerce. People more and more tend to shop online and the communication is becoming increasingly digital. All information is available and all questions can be answered online. Convenient, absolute but it is important to remember the physical values that often create a loyal relationship. One way to create a more physical relationship could be to add a promotional pen to the delivery. The pen becomes a physical extension of your brand and will make the recipient feel satisfied with the buy.

Imagine that you would get a personal thank you card when shopping, for example, organic textiles online: “Thank you for thinking about the environment by shopping your textiles from us. The pen in this package is a gift to you, of course it is eco-friendly, biodegradable and made from plant fibers for the least possible environmental impact “. Our guess is that you would feel quite  satisfied with yourself and your buy!

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