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Pens to increase your conversion rate

Today CTA (Call to Actions) and conversions are terms strongly associated with digital marketing, but what many seem forget is that the incentive that finally get someone to act the way we want just as well may come from physical advertising.


Start physically and transact digitally

In fact, the motivation for conversion is dramatically increased if the call to action is first communicated by physical advertising, for example through product media or promotional pens. In the world-renowned neuromarketing study Behind the Mind from 2016, it was examined how people reacted to both physical and digital advertising. Among other things, it was found that physical advertising, such as product media, generates better attention than digital advertising for both brand and CTA elements. In fact, the CTA elements were noted by 30% more when exposed in physical form. In digital channels, the cognitive stress disrupts the attention. Interestingly, however, is that digital advertising shown after physical advertising got better results. In order to maximize your outcome in digital channels and increase your conversion rate, the conclusion of this study is that you should always communicate with physical advertising first.


As physical advertising, product media and promotional pens are perfect to use as call to actions. This is beacuse of they have one big advantage compared to other physical medias as they are also perceived as gifts. You probably know that gifts can affect people to act in a certain direction why it is common that companies use gifts in their marketing and sales activities. Within psychology, we often talk about the reciprocity principle. A principle based upon the fact that we often feel obligated to reciprocate what somebody else has done for us. It is therefore no  coincidence that we often get free samples or test products when we go shopping as it increases the probability that we will actually by something. In that way gifts are very effective when it comes to CTA.

increase your conversion rate with promotional pens

In any context when you want to encourage someone to write it is advisable to give away promotional pens. It could be at the conference, by the cashier at a store, but it may as well be on other occasions. Say you need to collect information or want people from your target group to sign up for something. By sending a letter along with a promotional pen, you do not only add value to the recipient – by putting a pen directly in ones hand you will also make the step to fill in that application (or whatever it may be) so much smaller. Then, don’t forget to follow up with a simplified email or online campaign with the corresponding CTA elements. Not only will it be treated with recognition and more attention but also with a certain amount of gratitude – the optimal initial to increase your conversion rate!


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