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PenValue Guide

What is “PenValue”?

PenValue is a concept that aims to demonstrate the value of promotional pens purely from a marketing perspective. Did you know that the average promotional pen lasts at least eight months? During those eight months, the pen is exposed more than 3,000 times by an average of three or four different owners. This means that a pen that costs you EUR 1 will have an exposure cost of EUR 0.0003 – i.e. an incredibly low contact cost compared with other advertising media. That’s why it is important to choose the right promotional pens for your company and area of use.

välj reklampenna - choose promotional pensOUR recommendations FOR MAXIMUM “PENVALUE”

The PenValue Guide will help you understand how promotional pens can become an effective and vital marketing channel for you. It discusses both how to build brand and generate new business. How can you get maximum value out of your pen?

Take the opportunity to learn more, be inspired and develop your marketing by downloading the PenValue Guide now.

In the guide, you can read about what to consider before you choose promotional pens:

– How to match the pen with your brand.
– When and how promotional pens are most effective.
– How many pens you should buy and how often.