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Successful Promotional Products

What matters most when choosing a promotional product? Opinions of the recipient.

In 2015 TNS Sifo conducted a survey on behalf of the Swedish Industry Association for Profile and Advertising. The questions related to attitudes towards promotional products, their durability, and the driving forces behind the formation of a positive product media image.


Success factors for promotional products

For the most positive attitude possible towards promotional products, three statements were listed as being the most important:

successful promotional products

Good quality is considered a hygiene factor, while usability and design are considered success factors and are what determine the frequency with which the product is used and thereby the exposure of the brand.

A good promotional pen is remembered

Promotional pens (along with television advertising) are top of the list in terms of how well recipients remember a brand compared with other advertising media. As a means to seal a deal, product media come in third place, while mobile advertising is at the bottom of the list in terms of how memorable it is and its ability to seal a deal.

Most appreciated promotional products according to the survey


Promotional pen – a strong advertising product

Promotional products, including promotional pens, have a high advertising value and are perceived positively by their recipients. According to the survey, one in three people like receiving promotional products, while one in four would like to receive them more often. 30% say that the positive image of a company/brand is reinforced when they use products bearing the brand name as a marketing channel.

Furthermore, 30% of survey respondents use profile-branded products, primarily promotional pens, on a daily basis.


Source: The study The Power of Produktmedia 2015,

TNS Sifo for the Swedish Industry Association for Profile and Advertising Products.

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