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Will promotional pens survive the future?

Will pen and paper survive in a world of touchscreens and tablets?

In today’s digital society of tablets, touchscreens, and laptops, it’s easy to forget about the humble pen. Has the pen become an outdated cliché that won’t survive the future?

Long before we started school, we would pick up a pen, pencil, or crayon to draw or imitate writing. In first grade the focus was on learning to write letters, then putting them together to form words. Increasing numbers of tablets are being bought for schools around Sweden, and a large part of schoolwork is now done entirely by digital means. Even our workplaces are subject to digitalisation as the “ideal electronic paperless society” takes shape.

Although digital writing has, in theory, the same function, its purpose isn’t always the same. There are many things to consider when comparing writing on an iPad and writing with pen and paper. Preference and habit have some influence, as does the feeling of manual writing.

The function and design of pens

Classic pens remain largely unchanged in form, although the design and function of pens are constantly evolving. Pens can now complement electronic equipment such as touchscreen styluses, 3D pens, and multifunctional pens with various in-built tools.

Pens will not be replaced by technology completely. Although they will continue to evolve, the need for a means to write manually will not disappear. It’s hard to compete with a pen that can withstand the elements and doesn’t have a battery that can go flat. A pen doesn’t need charging, synching, or updating, nor does it need replacing when a new model is released.

Is there still a need for promotional pens?

Yes. Although we are becoming more digital, pens are practical. The same cannot always be said of technology. Aside from the more practical aspects of writing by hand, studies show that it also improves one’s memory and improves focus. The promotional pen is a physical product that is easy to carry, style, brand, and adapt according to the needs of a business. The cost per pen is usually low and its reach high. There is also value in being able to give something away that features your message.

So, although we are increasingly not writing down our thoughts in spiral notebooks or diaries, the pen has not lost its place or function. We all have different preferences – some of us prefer typing on a keyboard, others prefer writing with pen and paper.  The advantages of pens combined with their constant evolution make it difficult for us to envisage a future where the pen no longer has value.

Moreover, the more digital we get, the more that analogue methods will stand out from the crowd.

Don’t be afraid to stand out and be remembered by the recipient.

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