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Exclusive sets of metal pens

Our range includes several exclusive sets of metal pens. We offer sets in varied price ranges for pen models with different writing features. We have classic sets as well as more luxurious versions from famous brands. A set of pens with engraved names is highly appreciated. A personal and useful gift suitable for both customers and partners, employees or the management team. Here you can find our most exclusive metal pens and gift boxes.

Among our most luxurious brands such as Cross and Parker, a gift box is often included whether you choose to buy just one pen or a set of two. A new gift set in our collection is Parker Urban Duoset with ballpoint- and rollerball pen in matte black with elegant gold details, currently offered at a promotional price. All pen models from Cross can be found here. We also have many elegant sets of pens from the Swedish brand Ballograf. Just choose if you want a gift box for one or two pens. See all gift boxes and pens from Ballograf here. Don’t miss our latest gift set; Parker Urban Duoset with a ballpoint- and rollerball pen in matte black with luxurious gold details.