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Luxury is a state of mind: Find your Mood

Whatever mood you are in, you don’t want to miss the experience of this new series of exclusive pens. Mood is a luxurious premium pen from Italian Maxema in high-quality plastic with diamond cut metal parts for a dazzling result.

Find Your Mood – Choose from four luxury PEN models

Designed by Italian Maxema, Mood is available in four luxury models, all with diamond-cut metal parts. Choose between Mood Rubber, Mood Rubber Clear and Mood Extra with shiny chrome details or Mood Gold and Mood Rose Gold with details in gold. The pens are heavier than normal plastic pens, which makes it comfortable to hold. Most models in the series are available in a whole palette of different colours, some of which have rubberized pen body for a firmer grip. Don’t miss the experience of this nicely designed pen. Luxury is a state of mind. Be sure to order samples to really get a feel for Mood’s weight and outstanding quality.


Product sheet with recommended retail prices:

To make it easy, we have compiled a product sheet with information about the different Mood models, so you can find your favourite. Download the product sheet with recommended retail prices here.

FIND YOUR MOOD: Mood Product sheet.pdf