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Now lower price for engraving Premium pens!

Now you can order your gift pens with elegant engravings at a significantly lower price than before. As of this year, we have reduced the engraving price for all pens included in our Premium range. The new engraving price is really affordable and it is only slightly higher than a standard 1-colour print. Of course, our service remains the same and packing in Paper Cases is included as usual.

Engraving provides a permanent marking that is performed with the highest precision. Furthermore, engraving arguably offers the most elegant finish. It is ideal if you want your gift pens to leave a more exclusive impression.
Here you can learn more about engraving and our other pen printing methods.

The pens in our Premium assortment are mainly lightweight metal pens in the low- and middle price range, why engraving is often considered a bit too expensive. As we want more companies to be able to provide their pens with elegant engravings we felt compelled to lower the price for this particular segment. Luckily this was also possible since most of these pens are faster to engrave and do not require as much pretreatment and finishing as the heavier metal pens.

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