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Promotional pens 2020: News

Now we have updated the range with several exciting product news. Here we present the latest trends and the new promotional pens 2020.Bay Nyhet 2020


This year we have mainly focused on increasing our environmental assortment. Our ambition is to provide a large range of environmental pens and this way help lead our customers to more sustainable alternatives. We are for instant happy to present Maxemas new collection including many of their most popular models; now in recycled plastic. Another novelty is the range of wheat hybrid pens, such as Add Hybrid and Carlton Hybrid, made in plastic consisting of 40% wheat straw. We also present a number of new pens made of bio-based materials, such as S45 Bio Extra. See all our new eco-pens here >>


Apart from eco-pens, we are proud to present two new trademarks. Parker with their exclusive and beautiful designed gift pens and BIC with their classic, popular pencil and ballpen assortment. For example, take a look at the Parker Urban Duoset, a luxury gift set containing one rollerball and one ballpoint pen. Or BIC’s popular multifunction pen, BIC 4 Colors, as well as the BIC Velleda Grip Whiteboard Marker. More pens from these brands will be launched continuously during 2020. See all news from BIC and Parker here >>

Here you will find all of our new promotional pens for 2020 >>