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Promotional pens 2021: News

Forget cheap throw-aways. We focus on top-quality and sustainability! 2021 offers several exciting news when it comes to eco-pens as well as gift pens and new brands. Below we present this year’s trends and product news.


The environment is one of our most important sustainability issues and our ambition is to gradually move to an increasingly eco-friendly range. Also, as we are experiencing the strongest growing demand within this segment, we have included several new eco-pens in our assortment. For example, we are pleased to present some new pens from Stilolinea made of recycled plastic. How about Baron 03 Total Recycled, a modern version of the classic Baron, in new “down-to-earth” colours? Or S45 rPet, a stylish promotioanl pen with a curved clip, made of recycled PET plastic. See all of our new eco-pens here >>


Last year we introduced a collaboration with Parker Pens. This year, we are happy to present even more ballpoint-, rollerball-, and fountain pens from the exclusive Parker range. We are also proud to announce another luxury brand in our portfolio, namely Montblanc. For example, you do not want to miss the gold-plated Miesterstück 164 Classic or the super-elegant Pix Black. See all news from Parker and Montblanc here >>

Here you will find all of our new promotional pens for 2021 >>