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Promotional pens for this spring’s sports activities

Now it’s time to put on your training shoes and start warming up for the sports activities of this spring and summer. We celebrate this season by taking the opportunity to suggest some promotional pens suitable for these kind of events. Click on the links below for more information about each pen model.

S45 Total Fluo is a brand new promotional pen with generous printing area on both clip and the pen body. A very affordable pen available in 5 trendy fluorescent colors to match your workout clothes.

Omega Matt, Golf Pen 2.0 is a slightly extended model compared to the traditional golf pen. The high-quality INGLI Parker Style refill can handle warm climate as well as moisture and cold – so now you will no longer have any trouble filling your score card.

Pure Rubber Fluo is a sporty novelty in stylish design with rubberized surface to provide a comfortable grip. The large, printable clip comes in 5 different fluorescent colours that really attract attention.

E-Venti Velvet Special, Sports is the perfect promotional pen for all sports events. The velvet body, with different sports designs, gives the pen a unique appearanc and makes it very pleasant to hold.