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5 unexpected sales meeting tips

How a pen can improve your sales

It may be helpful to have your laptop with you at sales meetings. All data is available, the presentation prepared in advance and you can write neat notes directly during the meeting. But the advantages of paper and one (or more) pens are often overlooked. It is not just that handwriting help you remember better and facilitates the learning process, you also increase the prerequisites for a focused and productive meeting.


1. The computer hampers communication

It is said that you psychologically, by placing a physical object between you and the person you meet, impedes communication. It automatically creates a kind of “distance” between you. You will also be less focused on what is being said during the meeting as what happens on screen distract and stimulate other senses. Be present in the meeting and give all your attention to the person / people you are talking to. Do not put up any unnecessary “obstacles” for yourself on the way to the deal.


2. Emphasize and reinforce your image

Let the pen become a part of who you are and show it. Enhance your image with the right pen, then the customer’s impression of you as a seller enhances and the meeting gets filled with positive energy. A bit like the stories about how sellers adjust their look based on the upcoming visit – “classy” customer = “classy” look. If these stories are true; why not add a “classy” pen?


3. Make it clear

Visual material has always been popular to bring to sales meetings and there are some advantages. For example, brochures can support you in the sales meeting. They give your customer something to focus on while talking and something to save for later browsing. A good example of when this useful is when the person you meet is not the main decision maker. Make sure to bring a pen to mark/highlight important sections such as your unique selling points (USP) in the material or prices relating to the specific deal. This helps when presenting the material to the decision maker.


4. Signing the deal

Let us now assume that the sales meeting goes brilliantly; don’t be shy, dare to ask if they are interested or even ask to make a deal. Now, if you happen to have brought all the paperwork with … then you will need a pen. Digital signatures in all its glory, but many companies still require a physical contract signed with blue ink. By bringing a pen, you just shortened the trip until you land in the office and can ring the “sales bell”.


5. Do not forget to “forget” the pen

Last but not least; mark your pen with your name. Not because your desk neighbor should stay away from your things, but because you want to leave a reminder with your prospects after a sales meeting. If you do not work at a company that has ordered a couple of boxes with promotional pens (of good quality), it’s time to find out who is placing the order.

So- don’t forget to “forget” the pens when you’re out on sales meetings. If it’s a good pen which is also branded and marked with your contact information – they will not need to look for long to find your number.


If you are interested in reading more about how promotional pens can bring value to you and your organization, we recommend you to read our PenValue guide.

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