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3 tips to gain maximum effect of your communication

We know that promotional pens are an affordable and efficient media for advertising, but how well they serve their purpose depends on how we make them communicate. Just like in all marketing, it’s all about visibility and sharing an experience. But how is that possible since there are so many promotional pens out there? These are our 3 best tips on how to gain maximum effect of your communication:

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It’s a cliché, but true, that you must be unique and stand out from the crowd if you want to reach out with your message. The standard selection of pens on the market is extensive so you will not have any trouble finding one in the right colour and shape that suits your brand. However, this means that many other companies will be sharing the same pen as you. By making your own pen, you will get a unique product that can only be associated with your brand. Perhaps it sounds too advanced or expensive, but custom production does not necessarily mean three months delivery or tens of thousands as minimum quantity. If you have a small budget, you can still create a unique feel by for example making your own combinations of standard models/colours. Here is more information about Custom Production.


Promotional pens are one of the most top performing marketing channels when it comes to attention and recognition, but there are still ways to boost the communication for maximum effect. Although the advertising space on pens is quite small, it is rarely used entirely. Many companies choose to simply print their brand and web address, which of course is important from a brand-building perspective, but why not take the opportunity to communication something more when you have the chance? A pen is like any ad why you should take advantage of its full potential. Call to action or ask a question to get more interesting. Surely you have something to say that can attract more attention.


The more senses you can attract with your communication the better. Today there are printing techniques for promotional pens that enables you to communicate with more than just texts and symbols. With digital printing for example, it is possible to reproduce images but there are also other techniques that can add both visual and tactile elements and allows you to customize the whole pen barrel. We call it 360° Communication. By choosing this type of printing technique, you can enhance your messages in a very attractive and effective way.

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