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Compostable pens: The best eco-choice

Are you looking for a stylish and functional promotional pen that is also truly eco-friendly? Then the choice is simple. With our compostable pens from Italian Stilolinea we can offer some of the best eco-alternatives on the market.

Whether it is promotional pens or office pens, the vast majority are manufactured in plastic, which may not always be the best material from an environmental perspective. But there are exceptions. Vegetal Pen and Bio-S are two eco-friendly pen models manufactured in Ingeo® PLA, a patented and eco-certified plastic from NatureWorks. This special plastic is derived from plant fibers which makes it biodegradable and compostable. Accordingly and unlike pens in traditional or recycled plastic, these pens can be composted (except refill and spring) and re-enter the earth’s natural cycle. In addition, PLA production requires only one third of the energy used in the manufacture of pens in ABS plastic i.e. it burdens the Earth with 66% less Co2

Besides the eco-friendly properties, Vegetal Pen and Bio-S! are stylish and provide a high quality functionality as well as writing ability. Both pen models have ecolabelling yet plenty of room for your own branding.

Product sheet Vegetal Pen & Bio-S:

Consider the environment and choose one of our compostable pens next time you order promotional pens for your company. Of course, documentation and environmental certificates are available. Download our product sheet with recommended retail prices here: