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Erga 360° Communication: Visible and tactile messages

The most important thing about a promotional pen is how you use it to communicate. Do you want your marketing to stand out and offer an experience? Then you should try 360° Communication; 4 printing techniques that can provide your pen with visual and 3 dimensional elements to enhance and draw attention to your message with utmost efficiency.

Through our Italian manufacturer Erga we are able to offer unique printing options on a variety of pens. With 360° Communication it is possible to customize the whole pen barrel and by using different techniques, your pen can be printed with patterns, photos or 3D elements that will make your message both visible and tactile.


4 printing techniques: Pattern, Digitaly, I-Light och Velvet

The various printing techniques offered within 360° Communication are Pattern, Digitaly, I-Light and Velvet. Each technique has its own special characteristics that help to create a unique impression. In short, they can be described as follows:


PATTERN: A circular screen print that covers the whole pen, preferably a pattern with or without text. Can be done in one or more colours from the Pantone scale

DIGITALY: Digital transfer that enables reproduction of photographic images to the smallest detail to create a stronger visual experience.

I-LIGHT (3D): Raised print in high brilliant UV colours where the logos or selected graphics are reproduced with a thicknesses that is perceivable by touch.

VELVET (3D): With this technique, you can create logos or other designs in one coloured velvet. The velvety print draws attention and provides a soft, comfortable touch.

All the techniques offers 360° printing (all around the pen) and can be combined with each other to further enhance the experience of the communication. Minimum order quantity is 500pcs.


Product sheet with recommended retail prices:

To make it easy, we have compiled a product sheet with information about the different printing techniques and the appropriate pen models. Download the product sheet with recommended retail prices here.