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Why a PenValue blog?

In our PenValue blog we share our knowledge and offer some inspiration for how promotional pens can make your marketing communications more efficient and help you to optimize your customers’ experience. We focus primarily on our partners and end users who have a passion for marketing and whose work is centred on interpersonal contact. If you want to offer your expertise, please get in touch!


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Vill du hålla dig uppdaterad om det senaste kring reklampennor och månadsvis få ny inspiration och kunskap om hur reklampennor kan hjälpa dig effektivisera din marknadskommunikation? Då är Penvalue bloggen något för dig.

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A new way to offset climate change

Ingli Sweden strives to conduct business in a sustainable manner. We always try to reduce our impact on the environment as much possible. Our range includes several products that have a less environmental impact and we also make sure to offset our climate footprint.  One supplier that help us to offset climate change is Stilolinea, an Italian company founded in 1972 and a leading manufacturer of high quality...

How Pilot got its name: A 100 year old story

Most people know Pilot as the brand behind the popular pen Frixion Clicker with erasable ink or the classic office pen Super Grip. But have you any idea how Pilot got its name and how it all started 100 years ago?   A 100 year old story The story begins 100 years ago. Two Japanese marine engineers, Ryosuke Namiki and Masao Vada were out at sea, working on a merchant ship. At that time, the reservoir pen...


3 key reasons to use profile products

Product media is the 3rd largest advertising medium in Sweden. Bigger than outdoor and television but just as good for brand building and much, much more cost-effective. Statistics and surveys speak their clear language. Here is a quick list with 3 key reasons why you should use profile products in your marketing. 1. You always remember a good profile product! Profile products, mainly promotional pens, are used...

The pen saves the summer: 10 situations where you must have a pen at hand

Are you one of those who just want to relax during your summer vacation? Perhaps you look forward to hanging on the beach or calm down in the hammock at the summer house? Perhaps your vacation will include many fun activities with friends? Or maybe the plan is to take on a summer project? Anyhow, the summer and the long-awaited vacation are finally here again and it's time to unwind and let go of all the do's and...

3 tips to gain maximum effect of your communication

We know that promotional pens are an affordable and efficient media for advertising, but how well they serve their purpose depends on how we make them communicate. Just like in all marketing, it's all about visibility and sharing an experience. But how is that possible since there are so many promotional pens out there? These are our 3 best tips on how to gain maximum effect of your communication: Do you want to...

Do eco-friendly promotional pens really exist?

Today, more and more companies want to buy " eco-friendly promotional pens " but what is eco-friendly really when it comes to plastic products? As a supplier of pens, often made of plastic, we feel a responsibility to clarify the concept. It is only after we have reviewed our own product as we can create the right conditions and start working more consciously towards a better environment. Eco-friendly or just less...

Product media continues to increase: Forecast and trends 2018

Just the other day, IRM (the Nordic Institute for Advertising and Media Statistics) released its report of last years media investments in the Nordic region. And a week before PSI sent out its Final Report which among other things raised a number of ongoing marketing trends favorable to product media. To save you some time we have reviewed some of the current reports and the latest statistics and made a summary for...

5 tips for more efficient planning

Are you a marketer and feel that you need more efficient planning? Can you identify yourself with expressions like "to juggle many balls "or "to have two strings to one's bow"? Perhaps you are working as a marketer? Then you know that other words often associated with marketers are creative, innovative, problem solving and last (but definitely not least) planning. Everyone who works in marketing knows that the...


Pens with erasable ink – FriXion 10th anniversary!

10 years ago, the first FriXion pen was launched on the market. FriXion is a range of pens from the Japanese brand Pilot, which all have one thing in common – erasable ink! Most popular of the FriXion pens is the world famous FriXion Clicker that has become highly appreciated, not least among students. Obviously, the erasable ink is the main reason this pen has become so popular, but the unique click function and...